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Last Updated : Feb 22th, 2023.


The bellow chapters (Usage of Cookies & Privacy Policy) are in accordance with the Greek Law 2472/1997 and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679.


Data Controller & Data Processor : JG Athens Tours Travel Agency, G.N.T.O. License Number: 0261Ε60000706901,, email :



Cookies are small files stored in visitor’s devise. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular browser and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or by the client’s devise.

When the visitors visit the "" they are notified that the website uses cookies and they are asked to either accept all or some or refuse all.

We use the following type of cookies :

1. Technical Cookies : These cookies are basic elements for our web site operation, i.e. the TLS (SSL) protocol for establishing a secure connection between your browser and our server (https).

2. Cookies for Statistical/Performance Purposes : These cookies show us how you use our website and help us to improve the way it works, i.e. Google Analytics

3. Third Party Cookies : These cookies are generated from the use of third party services (Google Ads, Google , TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) which are connected with our website. Please note that we don’t have control over these cookies. You may refer to the relevant Privacy Policies of those sites that provide these services.

You may refuse/disable cookies by activating the relevant option in the settings of your browser (for more info, please visit the relevant browsers’ websites). Please be aware that the disabling of the majority of cookies may result the dysfunctionality of this website.

Important Note : The option to disable the secure "HTTPS" cookie is not permitted for your protection.



We recognize the importance of your personal data and we ensure you that we fully protect them and we treat them respecting your privacy.

However, some of them are necessary to be passed to others companies relevant to your travel arrangement (hotels, third transport companies, credit cards checking companies, etc) or to public authorities (airport/port authorities, immigration/customs services, etc) as required by the Greek law. Once these data are passed to those companies/authorities, then they become subject to their relevant data protection policy.

Within the framework of our relationship (by filling our contact form, by sending us email, by reaching us via phone calls, by reaching us via messages, etc) we may request & collect the following personal data :

1. Title, full name, contact details (email address, phone number, address).

2. Passport/ID number, date of birth, nationality.

3. Payment information (card number, card security number, card expiration date, cardholder name).

4. Dietary requirements and health issues relevant to your travel arrangement

5. IP address & cookies (when you visit our website, our server may record data regarding your devise type, the used network, your broad geographical location, your IP address, etc).

We use your personal data for performing our job as a travel company (i.e. answering to your queries, offering travel options and rates, providing booking confirmation, managing your booking, updating your booking, etc).

We hold your personal data :

1. As long as it is necessary for us to provide your booked services.

2. For protecting us of any contractual claim for a maximum period of 6 years unless you exercise any of your rights (please see bellow relevant paragraph).

3. Specifically, and in accordance to relevant national law, all the exchange of communication by electronically means (i.e. emails) are kept in our server for a period of at least 180 days.

4. All the customers service invoices are kept for a minimum period of 10 years for legal, audit & tax purposes, in accordance to the relevant national law.

You have the right :

1. To request access to your personal data we hold.

2. To request amendments in your data if they are inaccurate or incomplete.

3. To request deletion of your personal data we hold if there is no compelling reason for their further processing.

4. To request to remove your consent (please note that by visiting our Website you are called to give your consent for cookies usage).

For exercising any of the above rights please send us email to providing details of your request.